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Think Tanks

The MarCaps work—with MMA’s MOSTT—helped us get aligned within our team on what we need to be best in the world at, what we need to be good at and what we can assign to others. It also helped gain alignment with the rest of the executive team and added clarity to the discussions.
Former Global Chief Marketing Officer
MMA's work to help marketers cultivate best-in-classes practices and structures helps the entire profession, as evidenced by the latest effort around its revolutionary marketing capability framework and assessment tool," "Getting featured in Harvard Business Review adds another level of validation for MMA and shows the world how we keep on advancing knowledge and creating value for marketers.
Former SVP & Global CMO, GM Marketing
General Motors
By using the MarCaps Readiness Assessment developed in collaboration with MMA’s MOSTT, we identified how marketing is going to help grow our business. We invested in new training for our marketers in economic modeling, entrepreneurialism, and storytelling so they can think more broadly about the value they are bringing and identify new opportunities for the business.
Chief Marketing Officer
General Motors


MOSTT is a community of marketing experts and professors committed to rethinking the world of the modern marketing organization. We seek to develop unique and actionable knowledge to guide CMOs’ organization design decisions and to assist marketing organizations in competing more effectively. MOSTT seeks to aid Marketers in driving business growth in today’s rapidly-changing environment.



7+ Years of Research

The MATT frameworks and acceleration tools are the result of 7+ years of collaborative research between academics and practitioners