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AXE Viral Videos (Aerodeon Turkiye)

March 21, 2009
Submitted by Aerodeon Turkiye

Brand: AXE
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods
Agency: Aerodeon
Vendor: Turkcell
Region: Turkiye
Timeline: 02.03.2009 - 02.04.2009

The goal of the campaign was to communicate the entertaining AXE viral videos to the target consumers in an effective but cost-efficient way while creating word of mouth. Turkcell-im WAP portal was chosen because it is the most effective medium with its interactive feature and dominantly male target users which resembles with AXE’s target consumers.

The 3 viral videos, which communicate “the AXE effect on girls”, were converted to mobile format and broadcasted for one month in 10 days rotation under the text-link on the “Chat & Message” page of the Turkcell-im WAP portal. In order to attract attention of the target, eye-catching wording, such as “Trying an underwear like this”, was used while writing the texts of the links. Users who clicked the text-link on the “Chat & Message” page, were directed to a landing page where they could download the videos for free of charge.

- Text-link display: 999.311
- Landing page impression: 54.108
- CTR: % 5,4
- A total of 27.942 videos were downloaded.
Trying an underwear like this: 13.110
The love of woman doctor: 9.476
Love in space: 5.356
- The videos were broadcasted one by one in 10 days periods. Even the videos were not broadcasted at the same time; users, who have downloaded one of them, searched the others on “Turkcell-im Search” page with keywords like “doctor”, “woman”, “love”. Thereby, a total of 1.245 users downloaded the other 2 videos before they were broadcasted.