Watch This Space – How Mobile and Beacons Are Enhancing the Value of Out-Of- Home Media, Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr (whitepaper sponsored by Gimbal), August 2015 | MMA Global

Beacons represent an enormous opportunity for the OOH industry and its partners. By integrating beacons, OOH media owners gain a new digital network that complements their physical assets, increasing the value of OOH properties and enhancing the effectiveness of OOH advertising. Advertisers gain a deeper understanding of mobile consumers, the ability to target specific OOH audiences, and measure the impact of their OOH ads. For mobile app partners, beacons provide a bridge between the digital and physical, yielding insights that can be used to improve functionality and users’ experience. These insights also translate into more precise targeting, higher eCPMs and, with more relevant, value-added content, more satisfied users. Finally, consumers stand to gain by receiving content (messages, ads, etc.), offers and services that more closely match their needs and interests, in places and at times when they can use them.

To capitalize on the mobile, beacons and OOH opportunity, key players – including OOH media, agency and tech partners, advertisers and mobile app publishers – must work closely together and share best practices. Provided the consortium integrates these capabilities in a systematic, consumer-centric fashion, the prospects are bright for the OOH industry, advertisers and consumers. 


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