The State of Mobile Ad Fraud 2018 [New Data] | Mobile Marketing Association

We have started a new year and it is the best time to look ahead at how mobile ad fraud might affect mobile advertisers in 2019.

Mobile ad fraud isn’t new, and it increasingly continues stealing millions of dollars from mobile advertisers. Fraudsters have become more and more sophisticated and it has become harder and harder for mobile advertisers to tackle with fraudsters’ evolving techniques.

The State of Mobile Ad Fraud 2018results, gathered from the analyses of 11K+ apps and 35M+ installs, are released by Interceptd and the numbers show that 2019 will be a severe year in terms of mobile ad fraud.

Main Highlights

  • Android is still more exposed to mobile ad fraud than iOS.

While 21.3% of app install are fraudulent in App Store, fraudulent traffic rate for Android is 26.9%. This means, the gap between the stores in terms of mobile ad fraud is getting closed.

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