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Reach out to the Hispanic Mobile User

Reach out to the Hispanic Mobile User:

The question among marketers and brands trying to reach the Hispanic Market is no longer ‘Why should I invest in mobile to reach Hispanic consumers?’ … The question is now ‘How should I do it?’

We already had plenty of answers for the first question. The statistics don’t lie and here are some numbers from the comScore Hispanic Mobile Consumer survey to remind you why you should invest in mobile to reach the Hispanic consumers:

• 57% of Hispanics use Mobile Devices to Access the internet

• 49% of Hispanics own a Smartphone

• 3 in 4 Hispanics use Mobile Media

• Hispanics are more likely to recall seeing web/app ads

What it’s important now is how to do it.

The mobile advertising can provide a one on one experience and meaningful connection with the Hispanic community. Not only should a bilingual advertising strategy be considered but also a multi-channel one, where the mobile advertising plays a major roll.

How to get it in a Uno, Dos y Tres:

1. Get your site Mobile: According to various publications, by 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than their PC to get Online. So this is the right time to do it. Besides, the non-mobile exposures of brands are driving unprecedented smartphone searches according to this article.

2. Apps VS Mobile Site -Choose which best fits your campaign: With all the ‘uuuhh’ and ‘aaahh’ coming from the Apps popularity, you might think that developing an App is enough as part of your campaign initiatives. But the truth is that although an app is a great piece of engagement with your audience, it’s not a replacement for a mobile site. In our experience, given the nature of the Hispanic consumer and the availability of apps/games that specifically cater to this market, traffic trends skew toward mobile web

3. Integrate Mobile into your Campaign Strategy: Stop playing ‘la gallinita ciega’ (blind man’s bluff) and connect with your audience across platforms. Hispanics not only use their mobile devices to social networking, photo sharing or download music, they also consume a lot of relevant content for them, shopping and offering reviews and recommendations to their peers.

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