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Predictions To Light Up Festive 2020: A Digital Audio Playbook

We are heading towards India’s favorite time of year: festive season. While dancing, diyas, fireworks, and sweets mark the occasion, it is first and foremost about families and friends coming together to celebrate. And while things may feel different this year, the spirit of the festive season will live on. After all, in this new environment, people are grateful for what they have and want to treasure the time spent with loved ones. 

How are we able to say this with confidence? 3 out of 5 JioSaavn listeners say they turn to music to kick off the festive celebrations. Which means we have an extraordinary insight into what the market is feeling now. Our streaming data does more than highlight the best artist or recommend the perfect workout jam. When we see a spike in first-day-of-festival playlists, we know that users are getting in the holiday spirit. When there’s a lift in party and EDM streams, we know that listeners are slowly settling (and embracing) this new environment. How people consume audio tells us what they’re feeling, how they want to feel, and what they’re doing. 

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