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Executive Summary
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Luth Research’s recent SavvyQuest™ omnibus survey of wireless phone users with text or web access capabilities fielded from June 9 to June 11, 2009, netting 1001 respondents with demographics balanced against U.S. Census data. Of those who completed the online poll, 64% said their phone was equipped with the ability to access the Internet, with a significant number under 55 years of age. Of those who had the capability, close to half (43%) said they use it, with a significant number of users also under 45 years.
More than three-fourths (76%) of those who access the Web using their phone say they have an unlimited usage plan. Their primary activity is checking email (87%), followed by “get scoring news or weather updates” and “locate a business, address or name”, both at 68%. More than one-third download games, music or other content or watch a video.
The vast majority of respondents (88%) had text capabilities with their phone as well, especially those under 55 years or with household incomes under $100,000, and 40% of those who are able to text have an unlimited text plan, while 30% are charged for each text message.
Of those with texting capabilities, less than one-fourth (24%) have opted to receive messages from a company via text on their mobile phone, with a significant number under 45 years of age. Of those who have opted in, 71% have also opted out. More than half (51%) of those with text capabilities have said they have received a marketing or ad text message, with 30% having received ads and 18% having received an offer or coupon.
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