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ExactTarget's Mobile Dependence Day Report

In today’s mobile world, the smartphone has become a modern-day equivalent of the Swiss Army knife. People rely on it for web browsing, email, text messaging, social networking, entertainment, navigation, and so much more. In fact, a recent survey by ExactTarget reveals that 78% of US consumers use their smartphone for texting at least once per day, 66% check email at least once per day, and 50% check Facebook at least once per day.

And here’s a really important statistic for marketers: 16% of consumers say they’ve completed a purchase as a direct result of a message received on their smartphone. That’s not just text messages—other messaging channels like email, Facebook, and Twitter are also effective at driving purchases.

Want to know more about how smartphones affect consumers’ online behavior, and how to take advantage of the smartphone revolution? Check out Mobile Dependence Day, the new SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS report from ExactTarget.

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