2018 Media Quality Report - Indonesia Edition, by Integral Ad Science (IAS) | MMA Global

Digital ad spending in Indonesia will reach US$639.9 million in 2019, making Indonesia the second largest digital advertising market in Southeast Asia^. However, 19.7% of Indonesia's Mobile web ad display content is prone to brand safety risk*, with an estimated US$120 million goes into wasted media ad spend annually, due to digital ad fraud^. What does this mean for your media investment?


In the latest Media Quality Report for Indonesia, Integral Ad Science (IAS) explores media quality benchmarks for display and video ad inventory on desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app platforms. The goal is to help advertisers better influence consumers and use data to invest in digital with continued confidence. Discover key insights for the digital market and highlights for Indonesia based on hundreds of billions of impressions analyzed during H2 2018 globally.


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