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Mobile Giving Foundation

The BBB Mobile Giving Foundation (BBBMGF) is a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 2007 to create a “mobile giving channel” that empowers non-profit organizations and donors. Working with North America’s top mobile carriers, the Foundation enables the mobile channel for charitable giving by providing the organizational layer, operational guidelines and technical infrastructure for nonprofit organizations and donors to use the incredible power and convenience of mobile technology. The Foundation operates in partnership with the Council of Better Business Bureaus and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance to grow the mobile-giving channel, strengthen mobile-giving industry standards and accountability, encourage donor confidence, and reinforce nonprofit acceptance of the mobile-giving medium.

The BBB Mobile Giving Foundation vets and accredits qualified charities, certifies them to wireless carriers and provisions their mobile campaigns, processes the billable donations through our platform, and reconciles and remits funds directly to the beneficiary charities. We conduct research to better understand how charities can use mobile and consumers perceive mobile giving. We educate charities and the general public on how to best leverage mobile technology for charitable works. It is our job to help build a mobile giving industry based on the values of trust, security, transparency and accountability.


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