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MMA Forum Spain

October 27, 2015 | Madrid

This year, The Mobile Marketing Association’s Spain Forum “Pure Mobile 2015” will take place at Madrid’s Neptuno Palace, October 27th.

We will share with brand marketeers, technology enablers, agencies, consulting professionales, carriers, publishers and other participants, knowledge, experiences, trends and innovation on mobility, covering topics such as:

  • The purchasing new behaviours – mobile commerce
  • How to transform our business model to a mobile business model
  • Mobile technology innovation
  • Multi-channel engagement through creative storytelling
  • Exploring creativity through cases that demonstrate the impact of a good brand positioning
  • Present the technologies that are pushing the innovation boundaries of mobile’s full potential
  • The real impact of mobile, sharing the results from MMA Global SMoX research – a study delivering real data on mobile’s impact in a multi-media advertising mix

The MMA Spain Forum “Pure Mobile 2015” will focus on how brands can acquire and reach new customers, such as Millennials, Gamers and other, hosting several tracks featuring brands, agencies, entrepreneurs, technology enablers, publishers and other participants that will share their perspectives and experiences; focusing on key trends, successful stories, learnings, challenges and the transformational role mobile has been playing in our society.

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