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December, 2018
Mobile Strategy Planning
customer engagement
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How to Build Up A Closer Relationship Between New Products and Consumers: 4 Essential Approaches in Go-To-Market Plans

Using smartphones as an example, the frequent releasing of new phones baffles and confuses some consumers. How do you fully communicate with consumers in the market, where new products are piling up, and launch a marvelous go-to-market campaign? After exploring and practicing, UC Ads, combining its media advantages, content attributes, traffic base and interests targeting technologies, has mastered the secret of new product marketing - The New Product Quartet, which is designed to help brands communicate with consumers in a more fun and interactive way.

The communication cycle of new products goes through three stages: pre-launch, outburst and post-launch sale, and each stage should follow a certain dissemination rhythm. Of course, we also need some small surprises from time to time to enhance the favorable impression.

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