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Sponsored Data & Data Rewards

Sponsored Data & Data Rewards
Release Date: 
May, 2017
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Sponsored Data & Data Rewards

Everyone who has a smartphone, anywhere in the world, needs data. As demonstrated by this Playbook, when we say data is the new universal currency we are not exaggerating it.

Sponsored Data is about providing certain amount of data or navigation of a mobile app/site to certain users free of costs because this data is sponsored by corporations. How can consumers benefit from it? By responding to an action requested by the brand that is offering internet access: downloading and using its app, watching a videoclip, filling out a form, purchasing a product.

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Agency: A company that provides strategic, creative or media buying and related services to marketers.
Marketer: A company that sells its products directly to consumers and businesses and buys marketing services to achieve its goals. Company must also not fit into any of the other sales definitions.
Carrier/Operator: A mobile network operator that provides voice and/or data services.
Enabler: A solutions provider offering technology and services that enables and supports mobile marketing.
Associate: Companies or organizations that do not generate revenue from mobile, but are integral to the development of the mobile industry. (i.e. trade associations, legal firms, consulting agencies, etc.)
Seller: Companies that create and/or promote media and content or broker the sale and distribution of mobile advertising.