MOBILE VIDEO CHECKLIST - What advertisers should know to have big impact on small screens | MMA Global
Release Date: 
October, 2020
Education Section: 

Mobile video ads are becoming more and more popular with 61% of German users already consuming videos on their smartphones. In the early days we saw spots, produced for TV also running on desktop or mobile phones. Thank goodness this isn’t the case anymore for most video ads, and many advertisers and agencies have understood to treat online and mobile channels differently. However, there are still many pitfalls and challenges for creators and brands when producing content for mobile devices. And we still see many videos which do not yet conform to the latest best practices.

The context in which we consume media nowadays is changing - we watch videos while we are on the go. Our attention is limited and the environment on our screen is fast and distracting. Many brands fight to gain our attention. So, the question is, what is needed to create videos that get noticed and re-called in the mobile stream. What are the do’s and don’ts? And what are the right metrics to measure success?

The MMA and experts from the mobile marketing industry in Germany have created a guideline for creators of videos, for brand and marketing managers as well as media planners to answer these questions and to provide them with a guide that can support them in their daily video creation business. Real live video examples of campaigns will we hope further inspire the industry to improve the next generation of video advertising campaigns.