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MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package V. 2.0

August, 2012
Education Section: 

This updated set of MMA Global Mobile Advertising unit guidelines is intended to simplify the creation, planning, buying, selling and reporting of mobile display ad units on a global basis. By standardizing the handful of sizes that will be most widely accepted, mobile advertising will be easier to add to the media mix of all advertisers around the globe. While the MMA has always been attentive to the need for standardized ad units this effort is significant because it marks a true collaboration among MMA members from the sales side, including ad networks, rich media vendors and publishers, along with direct input from the buy side at global ad agencies. The “universal” aspect of this mobile ad package is based on the fact that compliant ad networks and publishers that offer this ad package will provide the advertiser with virtually global or universal reach among both smart and feature phones. Compliant companies will be able to offer any ad unit sizes or features beyond those recommended in the Universal Mobile Ad Package (UMAP) v.2.0. 

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