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MMA Mobile Rich Media Reporting Metrics Definitions

September, 2012
Education Section: 

MMA members from Europe and North America convened numerous times to address a common problem in the area of rich media – various rich media vendors and assorted publishers deploying rich media were reporting campaign performance across a wide variety of metrics, some common and many unique to the vendor or campaign itself. The sellers of rich media were noting that agencies and clients on the buy side were finding it very difficult to understand the reported metrics since there was so much variety and confusion.

With the work and input of the Rich Media Reporting Metrics Task Force, and with additional comments from members of the Global Mobile Advertising Committee as a whole, the MMA seeks to bring clarity to this situation and has developed a series of basic definitions intended to apply to all rich media campaigns, regardless of vendor or publisher. These basic definitions, regarding the fundamental stages of rich media campaigns, will allow vendors, publishers, agencies and advertisers to make clean comparisons AND to enable the reporting of more robust, even bespoke, metrics for any situation by any and all richmedia vendors and publishers.

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