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MMA's Commitment to Consumer Satisfaction

The MMA’s primary focus is on consumer protection and privacy, given the importance of consumer satisfaction in maintaining a sustainable industry and promoting growth. 

The MMA therefore strives to align its members and industry stakeholders generally with consumers needs and wants to ensure a positive mobile experience. There are six fundamental elements to a positive consumer experience. They are:

  • Choice. The consumer must “opt-in” to a mobile marketing program. Consumers have a right to privacy and marketers must therefore gain approval from consumers before content is sent, and include clear directions on how to unsubscribe from communication should it become unwanted.
  • Control. Consumers should have control of when and how they receive marketing messaging on the mobile phone and must be allowed to easily terminate or “opt-out” of an unwanted program.
  • Customisation. Data supplied by the consumer for marketing purposes should be used to tailor such marketing to the interests of the consumer (e.g. restricting communications to those categories specifically requested by the consumer.). Targeting user consumer data made available to the marketer helps to eliminate spam, making content as relevant and useful to the consumer as possible.
  • Consideration. The consumer must receive or be offered something of perceived value in return for receiving the communication (product and service enhancements, entry into competitions etc.).
  • Constraint. The marketer must effectively manage and limit mobile messaging programs to a reasonable number of programs.
  • Confidentiality. Commitment to not sharing consumer information with non-affiliated third-parties.

The industry must monitor and enforce consumer protection and privacy to ensure the success and integrity of the mobile content business.