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Report Unsolicited or Inappropriate Mobile Marketing Messages

The MMA’s primary focus is on consumer protection and privacy, given the importance of consumer satisfaction in maintaining a sustainable industry and promoting growth. The MMA therefore strives to align its members and industry stakeholders generally with consumers needs and wants to ensure a positive mobile experience. There are six fundamental elements to a positive consumer experience.

If you would like to report an unsolicited or inappropriate mobile marketing messages and/or engagement please complete the form below and provide as much information as possible; such as:

  1. Your mobile carrier
  2. The type of mobile phone you have (brand name)
  3. Type of mobile media being used (SMS, text ad, MMS, mobile web, mobile application, voice service, etc.)
  4. Who was the communication from (company name)?
  5. What was the nature of message (promotional, example content)?
  6. Why was the message inappropriate (e.g. was it inappropriate for those under 18)?
  7. Was the communication unwanted from the outset, or did it become unwanted after a period of time / number of messages?
  8. How many instances of communication did you receive?
  9. Did you give your consent to be contacted? If not, do you know how your data was obtained (eg by opting into a partner organisation’s communications)?
  10. Was there a way to opt-out from receiving future messages or alerts?
  11. Once you requested to end the communication, was this respected?
  12. If there were price implications associated (eg a subscription), were they clearly outlined?
  13. Additional comments.

 *Required Field