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In partnership with AnyMind - July 19th 2023 | Ho Chi Minh City

HP Inc. (India)

The Advantage "X" in the Playbook's title signifies the limitless possibilities that await within the ONDC ecosystem and this toolkit is a key resource to help tap into the same as a guide to help with discovery, adoption and business growth.

June, 2023
Education Section: 

R3 Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India - Mumbai Edition

Attending the MMA IMPACT India - Mumbai Edition & being a keynote speaker has been an incredible experience! The insights from industry leaders backed by data collated by the partners are ideal for every marketer. Discussing on how integrating 5G with drone technology can revolutionise the marketing industry has been a game changer for all marketers. Thank you for having me & I look forward to collaborating in the near future to transform to thrive in the dynamics of the marketing industry.

MD, Co-Founder
BotLab Dynamics

Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India - Mumbai Edition

Another great one - IMPACT 2023 (Mumbai Edition) - Winning Marketing Organizations 2.0 - Rethink, Relearn & Rebuild and helped make IMPACT Mumbai. Enriching experience! Congratulation to you and your entire team! Look forward to many more!

VP - Global Marketing Operations

Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India - Mumbai Edition

Congratulations to the MMA team for their outstanding efforts in organizing and executing the MMA IMPACT - Mumbai Edition event. Your dedication and expertise have created a platform for marketers to rethink strategies, relearn emerging trends, & rebuild their organizations for success. Your commitment to driving innovation & fostering collaboration within the MMA community is truly commendable. Thank you for inspiring us all to push boundaries & embrace the transformative power of marketing. Together, we can shape a brighter future for the industry.

Head of Mobile & Emerging Tech

Pencil Group JSC

AdFlex Vietnam JSC

Dinosaur Vietnam