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Shisham Digital Pvt Ltd

May 17th, 2024 | Ho Chi Minh CIty
April 5th, 2024 | Ho Chi Minh CIty
November 1, 2024 | Jakarta

ShopBack Vietnam Company Limited

Amazon Ads (India)

Featuring input from industry trailblazers, this is the most awaited and anticipated report to help marketing professionals strengthen their strategy to drive business growth in 2024. It covers topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Retail Media and the latest MarTech trends. The research in the report is backed by solid data and analyzed by experts to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

November, 2023

The Trade Desk Singapore Pte Ltd (APAC)

Yield Martech Pte (YMT ADS)

Hakuhodo & Saigon Advertising Co., Ltd