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Multi-Screen Optimization Checklist

Quaero's Multi-Screen Optimization Checklist

If you are pushing content that is suitable only for desktop, then you are in trouble. In this increasingly "mobile-first" world, people are expecting content to be optimized regardless of what screen they are on. Consumers are traveling from mobile, to tablets, to desktop, and back to mobile again - perhaps in the span of 30 minutes! 

Mobile User Engagement Study

A resource for publishers to identify how mobile users are consuming content, what steps they can take to drive more traffic and how these users can support and organically grow the publisher's brand.

This study addresses two key findings that could help content publishers fine tune their mobile strategy:

  1. What drives users to share content on a mobile app?
  2. What drives users to engage with content on a mobile app?

The findings of this study will allow publishers to continually modify and improve the mobile experience for their consumers, plus help other stakeholders vested in helping publishers adjust their business and content models to succeed in the mobile economy.

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