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Yamaha WaterCraft Case Study

November 4, 2009
Submitted by Textopoly, Inc.


Yamaha WaterCraft SMS + WAP Sweepstakes + Brand Awareness


To extend the reach, effectiveness, and penetration of Yamaha’s messages across new media outlets, and new consumer consumption models. Increase brand awareness, establish a brand footprint in mobile, leverage the immediacy and intimacy of mobile communications and increase number of opt in users.


Yamaha launched a promotional SMS sweepstakes to supplement their overall mobile campaign. Yamaha’s mobile campaign is a combination of SMS and WAP to engage its target market with relevant messaging, plus interactivity through WAP. The SMS based sweepstakes was a tactical method to increase awareness, generate excitement for Yamaha’s mobile services and increase opt-ins. Participants entered into the sweepstakes and opted into the campaign by either texting “WAVE” to a short code or entering their mobile number into a seamless ‘web to mobile’ widget displayed on the Yamaha WaterCraft website.

Yamaha mobile members receive the latest news, events, promotions and incentives, new accessory info, and race results via SMS. The SMS alert messages also contain a clickable link to the Yamaha WAP site where the user could further their engagement with Yamaha with articles, reviews, pictures, Twitter integrated feeds and info on the latest Yamaha accessories. Sweepstakes winners are chosen weekly from the mobile numbers database to win a variety of products. The Yamaha mobile sweepstakes ends Dec. 16, 2009 when an ultimate winner will be chosen to win the 2010 Yamaha VX Cruiser grand prize!




400% percent increase in users opting into the SMS alerts program with an average of one consumer opting in every eight minutes since the launch of the sweepstakes.