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Yahoo! oneSearch Campaign (Greystripe, Inc. in conjunction with Gril Research)

February 25, 2008
Greystripe, Inc. in conjunction with Grail Research
Yahoo! oneSearch
The purpose of the campaign was threefold:
·          Increase awareness of the Yahoo! oneSearch mobile search portal
·          Increase intention to try the Yahoo! oneSearch product
·          Demonstrate the effectiveness of the Greystripe in-game mobile ad format
The Yahoo! oneSearch campaign was launched in the Greystripe AdWRAP network, featuring full-screen ads in mobile games, up to 240x240 in size.   The advertising leveraged Greystripe’s creative services, which specialize in designing ads for handsets. 
To measure the brand-lift and intention to try, Greystripe and Grail Research designed an innovative mobile survey with the ability to observe control and exposed groups simultaneously. A random selection of U.S. users of ad-supported games in the AdWRAP network were served two ads before game play and then invited to take the survey after game play. The survey was accessed directly from the phone through web pages designed for mobile phones. In the test group, one of the pre-game ads was a Yahoo! oneSearch advertisement.
The survey was designed by Greystripe and Grail Research, with analysis provided by Grail Research. Users were limited to one survey, and recent players of ad-supported mobile games )other than the game used for the test) were excluded to avoid tainted results from previous exposure to oneSearch ads. The survey comprised ten questions, using both unaided and aided recall. 143 respondents completed the survey.
The results of the campaign and mobile survey included:
·          Exposed respondents were significantly more inclined to try the product compared to the control respondents.  The test group showed a relative increase of 18% for those who will “definitely try” and a 10% increase for a combination of those who will “probably” or “definitely” try. 
·          The exposed group clearly remembered the ad, with a jump of 127% recall over the control group. For a well-known brand like Yahoo, which was also running oneSearch ads in other mobile ad networks, the specific recall of where they saw the ad is significant.
·          Among those who recalled seeing the Yahoo! oneSearch advertisement, the message takeaway and recall of individual ad elements were strong, clearly above the control group.
·          Participant self-reporting indicated they were 64% female, and 81% in the 18 to 34 age group.