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Vodafone Load-a-Ticket- the mobile event ticket (Gavitec)

October 18, 2006

Campaign – Vodafone Load-a-Ticket- the mobile event ticket

Gavitec - A NeoMedia Technologies Company (neom.com).

Buying tickets on the Internet and having them sent as a Data Matrix code directly to the buyer’s mobile phone enhances customer convenience.

Vodafone D2 in Germany, the world's largest mobile operator, in cooperation with CTS Eventim, the leading German event ticketing reseller, offered customers the first-ever mobile ticketing service – Load-A-Ticket. Using the VS2300M scanning device, the code on the mobile phone display functioned as a mobile entrance ticket. Vodafone D2 offered its customers the opportunity to purchase tickets for a concert or a sporting event via its new "Load-A-Ticket" service. The tickets are delivered to the buyer’s mobile phones as a Data Matrix code via a short message (Picture SMS, EMS or MMS). Vodafone D2 presented its new service at the music industry trade fair – Popkomm in Cologne - and subsequently offered mobile ticketing for various other events, such as the VIVA Comet awards at the Kölnarena in Cologne. After the successful public trial the application went fully commercial.

After an electronic ticket was ordered from the CTS Eventim online shop via the Internet, it was sent to the buyer’s mobile phone as a unique and encrypted two-dimensional code (Data Matrix). The transfer of the ticket costs only 0.99 € and is paid to the ticketing agency. The only requirement is that the mobile phone used supports MMS, Picture SMS or EMS. Additional event-related information such as event location, event date, event time and seat designation are displayed in the text message beneath the Data Matrix code. If the short message is accidentally deleted, Vodafone D2 users can dial the short number 1212 to have their mobile ticket resent to them at a charge of 1.99 €. To be admitted to the concert, mobile buyers present their mobile phone screen with the Data Matrix code displayed to the VS2300M scanner integrated in special turnstiles or control systems at the entrance. The scanner is linked to the CTS Eventim ticketing agency’s database, where the Data Matrix code can be identified and, after validation, the ticket-holder can enter the venue.

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