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UNOX - Unilever (Emexus Group)

November 15, 2005



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Unox – Unilever

The association with ice skating, the new year sea dive, family live and typical Dutch food, makes Unox <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Netherlands’ most Dutch brand.

Unox will always be Unox

Even though Unox is adding new products to its product line, such as ready made dinners and soups, everyone can be assured that Unox will always be Unox. To support the introduction of the new products, Unox updated its very familiar TV and radio commercial tune, which is now available as real, poly and mono ringtone on the unox website, .


-          Create extra brand awareness

-          Increase website traffic

-          Create buzz around the brand with an innovative mobile marketing campaign



Advertising agency Suntzu, responsible for the Unox marketing campaign, approached Emexus to convert the new commercial tune into all available ringtone formats. Besides that Emexus created all the necessary links between the Unox website and the Emexus Platform to enable the downloads. All visitors of the Unox website can now download the ringtone for free and are reminded of Unox every time their phone rings.

The campaign is live since early November and first results are promising. Unox will start an online campaign soon to promote this years new year dive and with that increase website traffic and thus ringtone downloads.


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