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Turkcell IsTcell-Shell Co-Branded Campaign “IsTShell” (Turkcell)

June 19, 2008
Turkcell IsTcell-Shell Co-Branded Campaign “IsTShell” )Turkcell)
Challenge / Objective:
IsTcell is Turkcell’s mobile club for business professionals & business’s that aims to increase loyalty as part of a retention program.   IsTcell mobile club creates a world of offers and incentive to its members.  These incentives are split in to two kinds – mobile related offers and co-branded offers.
The objective was to find an appropriate co-branded offer that would appeal to business professionals and business’s to increase both individual and corporate customer satisfaction and thus increasing loyalty.
Target Audience:
  • Members of the IsTcell club that is geared towards business professionals and businesses.
  • Current and potential customers of Shell
Campaign Dates:
10.12.2007 - 10.09.2008
Most companies and their working professionals have needs in terms of transportation which means that fuel is a basic necessity for the target audience.  Turkcell came together with the world-wide brand Shell in a co-branded mobile campaign.  For every purchase of fuel from Shell both parties created an offer unique to its sector, a %5 discount on fuel )Shell) and free airtime or minutes from Turkcell. 
Turkcell IsTcell members opted-in to the IsteShell campaign via sms.  After that for every purchase they received points that could be collected as a discount on fuel or free airtime/minutes from Turkcell.  The members that opted-in to the campaign received an sms as to how many points they had after every purchase and they could also query this information via sms. 
360 degree marketing communication is employed:  conventional media channels such as TV, radio, outdoor; pop materials and digital media channels - internet and mobile are used to advertise the campaign.  In terms of mobile channels targeted sms and mms are effectively used to obtain potential customers.
  • Very high customer satisfaction index is obtained: ~ 90%.
  • 266.000 active distinct users, that is above the initial target, obtained $5,83 mio free benefits via the points ) fuel discounts, free airtime or minutes ).
*Results mentioned above are for the period covering 10.12.2007 - 15.06.2008