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Traffic Management Text Alert System for Sligo Local Authorities (Púca Mobile Marketing)

December 18, 2008

Sligo Local Authorities have launched a ‘Text Alert’ facility developed by Púca to enable people to report traffic management problems around the streets of Sligo. The text messages are relayed via the Communications Office to the Authorities’ Traffic Wardens who respond immediately to call to the scene of the alert.

The scheme has been piloted for two months in conjunction with the Sligo Branch of the People with Disabilities Ireland (PWDI). A Pilot team of ten people, five wheelchair users and five people with visual impairment, have been operating the system since mid August.

When they have encountered hazards such as illegally parked vehicles or other obstructions on the town’s footpaths, they have sent a text to the Sligo Local Authorities Communications Office, and the message is relayed to the Traffic Wardens for action.

Sligo County Council use Púca's Text Manager, a very easy-to-use web-based SMS management reporting service, enabling them to manage customer databases and send and recieve low-cost SMS messages.


  • The system is now being extended to the wider community, and any member of the public will now be able to report traffic management problems for immediate attention.
  • This Facility is a ‘First’ for Local Authorities in Ireland in terms of traffic management and will enable Traffic Wardens to respond instantly to the public’s concerns on traffic issues.
  • In tandem with the ‘Text Alert’ system, Sligo Local Authorities have commissioned a Tow Away service. In future any vehicles illegally parked, whether on footpaths, Disabled Parking Spaces, Bus Areas or designated Trading areas are liable to be towed away and impounded.
  • Sligo County Council through their innovative use of text in addressing an on-going problem within their community received national news coverage in praise of the initiative.

View the RTE TV news report here:,null,230