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Toshiba Portégé R500 Mobile Video Ad (Rhythm NewMedia)

June 19, 2008
Rhythm NewMedia and Toshiba Portégé R500 Mobile Video Ad Case study
Starting in January 2008, Toshiba launched a mobile video ad campaign around the launch of their extremely light notebook PC, the Portégé R500. This campaign was in conjunction with an overall brand campaign to reignite awareness of the Toshiba brand and also reinforce Toshiba’s reputation as an innovative leader within the industry. The goal of the campaign was promote the new R500 as the world’s lightest laptop with superb technology and functionality. 
Toshiba partnered with Rhythm NewMedia to deliver highly targeted video ads only to potential male customers 25 and older. Rhythm provided precise targeting and concrete tracking and measuring unavailable to other mediums outside of mobile. The campaign used video ads on 3-UK and T-Mobile UK to reach the desired customers and worked very well, as there was an astonishing 79 percent message recall rate. On the 3 UK Free Stuff video content of the Planet 3 portal, potential Toshiba customers were able to enjoy quality content such as news, sports, entertainment and movies after watching a short ad. Similarly, on the T-Mobile web’n’walk application and t-zones application, potential customers viewed access to premium content from top content providers like ITN, Aardman, Fremantle, Hat Trick and Sony. These video ads were placed with Rhythm’s ad network using the media buying agency Rocket.
“Using Rhythm allowed us to communicate directly to our precise target audience, with optimum controlled frequency. We were delighted with the level of ad awareness achieved on this platform and equally impressed with the degree at which consumers identified the ad’s exact message; that the new  Protégé R500 is the world's lightest laptop," said Le’Nise Brothers, Interactive Account Director at Rocket. 

  • Target only men 25 and older, who are hard to reach exclusively
  • Increase awareness for the new notebook PC, the Portégé R500
  • Position the notebook PC as the “the lightest laptop we’ve ever made”
  • Strengthen customer ties to the Toshiba brand as the innovative leader
  • Use mobile video ads to connect with customers visually to grow their connection with Toshiba
  • Use Rhythm’s demographic information to add a targeted element to a broader campaign
  • Frequency manage ads to target audience
  • Provide consumers with the ability to watch a vast array of quality content ranging from, News, Sport, Entertainment and Movies on 3 UK due to ad funding
  • Delivered video ad impressions as planned to only males 25 and older
  • The following brand awareness metrics were measured using Rhythm’s unique in-line brand awareness research solution
  • 13% spontaneous awareness recall
  • 55% prompted awareness recall
  • 79% correctly identified the message “the lightest laptop we’ve ever made”
  • 47% felt more positive about Toshiba after seeing the add