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Sprite and the King of Praise (pontomobi interactive)

February 1, 2009

The RMG in partnership with Pontomobi developed an interactive campaign for Sprite Zero that used the King of Praise, character who became famous on YouTube, to create a fun experience and to strengthen the relationship of the consumer with the product.

To invest in a campaign that links Sprite Zero with a funny interactive experience that the consumer has when he participates in the action. In addition to be very creative it also draws attention for being surprising to those who receive a call from the King of Praise, known for his statements that unbearable overflow adjectives.

The mobile interaction consists in sending to friends one audio recorded by the King of Praise. After hearing the call, the friend receives a SMS with the name of the person who sent the recorded call and then, is invited to visit the website of Sprite to participate on the action. A very similar dynamic compared to the other Sprite’s campaign with João Gordo.

The campaign reached 223.000 interactions during the period it was in the air.