Snapple | MMA Global


November 12, 2004

Brand: Snapple

Company:  Enpocket


  • Increase campaign awareness of Snapple’s SNAFFLE promotion
  • Keep Snapple on consumer’s mind during peak purchase hours
  • Gather market intelligence and build mobile database for future re-marketing efforts


Snapple’s mobile marketing program was built around “Snaffle”, Snapple’s main promotion for the critical summer months.  Snapple printed numbers on 225 million bottle caps that the public could then match with winning Snaffle numbers. The winning Snaffle numbers were announced on TV, on the web and delivered via text message (SMS), and allowed participants to win prizes.  Throughout the summer, twelve drawings were held and three prizes were offered at each drawing.  SMS alerts with the winning Snaffle numbers were sent out during lunchtime and peak purchase times of the day—maximizing on the strength of mobile communication. 


Ninety three percent of all consumers who received the SMS alerts read them, and 24% were more positive about Snapple as a result of receiving the messages. 33% of those who participated bought additional Snapple products as a result.