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Sandwich Maker (12Snap)

May 10, 2006


Play it & get hungry!

12Snap - A NeoMedia Technologies Company (

Create a burger game as mobile Java- and online Flash version in line with the “25 Years McDonald’s Spain” - Campaign. Integrate McDonald’s the way costumers get hungry while playing it. Target the young adults.

Make as many McDonald’s sandwiches as you can, following the original McDonald’s recipe - from Hamburger to Big Mac. The bigger the sandwich, the more points you get. Game mechanics: sandwich parts are dropped onto your tray from the top of your screen. The speed at which parts are dropped increases every minute. Branding starts with the phone’s menu icon and can then be found throughout the whole game: be it the graphics in the menu, instructions, in-game, original sandwich photos or McDonald’s jingles when a sandwich has successfully been completed.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

“Sandwich Maker” was sent out 50.000 times to the customers. Consumption of burgers during the campaign phase increased demonstrably. McDonald’s had a really Happy Birthday!

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