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PR Newswire (iCrossing)

December 15, 2006

Campaign:  PR Newswire

Background: PR Newswire is one of the foremost providers of news release services worldwide, delivering news to mainstream and industry trade media and to its media-only Web site  withmore than 80,000 registered journalists worldwide since 1954. A technologically-progressive organization, PR Newswire was aware that the mobile Web presented a faster, efficient means for connecting with their users and looked to interactive agency iCrossing for strategic insight on how to leverage this new technology.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Idea: When PR Newswire first approached iCrossing to address its mobile needs, the agency was in the process of implementing a proprietary tool, SEO, which performs on-the-fly optimization of PR Newswire’s news release content for the Web. Extending the tool to perform code optimization for mobile browsers was a logical step and would offer PR Newswire the ability to deliver its content to users in real-time, regardless of location.


Goals: The objective was simple: to use the real-time optimization capabilities of SEO to create mobile-friendly versions of PR Newswire releases that could be viewed on the average handheld device, enabling PR Newswire news feed recipients to get the content they needed regardless of time, place or location. This would benefit all PR Newswire clients, but especially journalists and other media professionals who travel constantly because of their job responsibilities.


The result:  A device agnostic website that presents users with search engine optimized press releases around-the-clock, regardless of time, place or location.


iCrossing’s SEO service runs 24-hours a day, taking news feeds from PR Newswire and rendering them into freshly-search optimized content that appears on the wireline Web at www.  At the same time, it takes select feeds from PR Newswire’s US1 service and renders WAP 1.0 and WAP 2.0 versions that are viewable from the same unique URL and accessible across the major U.S. carriers.