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PEPSI PHOTOCAN (Aerodeon Turkey)

December 17, 2007
PEPSI PHOTOCAN )Aerodeon Turkey)
Brand: PEPSI
Agency:Aerodeon Turkey
GOAL:Pepsi is striving to present the youth with a new approach on life, challenging them to live and enjoy life. Pepsi also wants to transmit the feeling that Pepsi drinkers are special and they deserve special prizes that cannot be given to them by any brand else. Following this strategy, a campaign called Photocan comes into scene which is reflecting fun and excitement of youth to take the best out of life. Pepsi consumers were invited to take place with their photographs on Pepsi cans. The slogan of the campaign was determined as “Take action, make your choice and live youth!” which was challenging the youth to enjoy life, and to use the opportunities.
SOLUTION:Participants are asked to send their photos that represent themselves to short number via MMS. The first 1.000 participants instantly win 10 credits/2.5 minutes airtime. After participants send their photos, these photos are broadcasted and voted on the web site )send your photo, show yourself). The most voted 10 photos broadcasted online on during the campaign. The photos also broadcasted on the giant LED billboard on Taksim Square, one of the busiest squares of Istanbul. Furthermore, an IVR mechanism has been developed in order to inform the participants about the campaign. Participants were asked to call the GSM number, which was seen on the TV commercial, via their mobile phones. The first 2.000 participants who called the number, instantly won 10 credits/2.5 minutes airtime. In the middle of the campaign period, an MMS was sent to target consumers in order to challenge them
for participating to the campaign. Since mobile world was the exact place to catch target audience, campaign’s wap banner was broadcasted on the Entertainment page of Turkcell-im wap portal between August 1st and 31st.
RESULT:The first phase of the campaign ended and 15 photos which have got the highest rates won the chance to be placed on millions of new Pepsi cans and bottles. As the campaign was met by great appreciaton by consumers and achieved its goals, it is decided to go on with new photos and packages. As for the quantitative results, a total of 95.832 photos were sent between 01.07-06.09.2007. And a total of 91.317 members signed up to the web site in two months; 444.352 visits were made by 189.358 unique visitors and 2.340.146 pageviews gathered. On the other hand, 48.579 IVR call gathered between 01.07-06.09.2007 and 14.5 % CTR gathered from the wap banner between 01.08-31.08.2007.