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Pedigree [Masterfoods] text to win via direct mail campaign (Incentivated)

April 29, 2007

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Entry title
Pedigree [Masterfoods] text to win via direct mail campaign

Section / Category
Consumer packaged goods

Campaign background and objectives
To promote Pedigree Complete for Small Dogs to existing Pedigree customers.

Masterfoods delivered 300,000 direct mail pieces nationwide to targeted Pedigree customers that included information about the product and 30% off coupons valid for three months. Masterfoods also wanted to encourage customer interaction and so a text to win promotion was added to the piece which gave customers the chance to win a year’s supply of dog food and one of three digital cameras by texting SMALLDOG  to  82222.

Those who participated early on were sent texts over the remaining campaign period, reminding them to use the coupons and to enter the competition that month.

632 texts messages were received on the first day of the campaign and in the first four weeks 6,655 unique texts were sent. This represents over 2% of those sent the DM piece despite the text call to action being low profile. The highest recorded number of texts received on a single day was 1,140. Four weeks following the original mail-out texts were still being received on a daily basis.

About Incentivated
Incentivated works with global brands to help them communicate with customers instantly and easily via their mobile phones.

We develop and manage mobile marketing campaigns and services on local, national and international levels. (Patented) technology, developed by Incentivated, allows our clients to reach people in all corners of the world and in many languages, using text messaging and the mobile internet.

We believe the mobile phone is an intensely private medium. Respecting this principle, our campaigns provide information that consumers find useful and welcome.

Founded in 2001, Incentivated's fast growing client base includes British Airways, Hilton Group, Carphone Warehouse, OneTel, Scottish Power and Macmillan Cancer Support.