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Pascual–Zumosol Activo-Spain (Mobile Dreams Factory)

November 15, 2006

Mobile Dreams Factory (

Pascual – Zumosol Activo ( - Spain.

Pascual is a beverage company that wants to launch a new drink mixing juice and milk.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

“El Canto del Loco” is one of the top ten music group in Spain.

Pascual sponsored the tour around Spain of the “El Canto del Loco”, and wants to tied their brand with this musical group.

The objectives of the campaign were:

·          Introduce their new juice “Zumosol Activo”

·          Zumosol Activo brand awareness

·          Tied “El Canto del Loco” brand to Pascual brand.

·          Reach the youth thru technology

The participation of Mobile Dreams Factory were in 2 actions:

1) Zumosol – El canto del loco’s videoblog:
In this action we sent to every concert 2 bloggers that performed as fans of El Canto del Loco. They recorded on video comments, experiences and impressions of the Tour. All the videos were recorded by mobile phones and uploaded in real time to a videoblog. This action made possible to enjoy El Canto del Loco’s tour thru the “fans”, tiding Zumosol Activo and the music group brands.

2) Proximity Marketing in-concerts:
We set Bluetooth antennas in every concert. Those antennas sent videos, animated gif and Microeditions (www.microeditions) of El Canto del Loco and Zumosol Activo.


·          The Campaign lasted 2 months.

·          We covered more than 30 concerts around Spains.

·          The bloggers travels more than 23.000 kms (around 14.000 miles).

·          More than 200.000 people follow the concerts thru the videoblog.

·          More than 35.000 downloads thru Bluetooth.

About the Company:
Mobile Dreams Factory has 2 divisions, one is the mobile content were they create, develop and distribute mobile products and contents. The other division fulfills services of advance mobile marketing or as they called Mobile Marketing 2.0.
The company develops different technology platforms such as YQS, Microeditions and Mobile Campaign Manager.

Some of their clients are Coca-Cola, Heineken, Renault, Telefonica, Cepsa, Orange and Vodafone.

You can browse the videoblog at: