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Krispy Kreme

April 5, 2010

Campaign Objective
How can we drive sales and target London’s hungry commuters with Krispy Kreme brand?

London Victoria and London Waterloo

Start date: 03.12.09
End date: 17.12.09

The fifteen day campaign received fantastic feedback, this was the first advertising campaign for Krispy Kreme to ever do in the UK. They received fantastic exposure and brand awareness in return for an increase in customer loyalty…overall a very successful campaign.

Total downloads: 48,154

Customer Testimonials
“We are so happy with this deal – we will share them out at a family get together tonight”
From Left to Right: Diego, 27 Rosario, 26 Fernando, 31 Ana Maria 30
“I’ve got to buy my secret santa a pressie worth just over £10, this is perfect for them”
From Left to Right: Darren, 29, Shaun, 27
“It’s my birthday today so I bought a load for my office lot – what a fantastic deal”
From Left to Right: Sabrina, 23 Lucy, 25

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