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Kentucky Fried Chicken (Turkcell & 121Metre)

January 16, 2006

Brand:         Kentucky Fried Chicken

Product:      Super size KFC Menus

Company:    Turkcell & 121Metre

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§          Increase sales of super size menus

§          Increase response rate to campaign by installing digital redemption

Kentucky Fried Chicken has started a new nationwide sweepstake + instant win campaign. Along with a menu purchase, the customer is given a coupon with a URN/unique redemption number on. He texts the URN to opt in the promotion for ski vacations and ski jackets, and all texters also win a prize such as biscuits, a Coke or polar sweatshirts.

For the redemption of the instant win prize, the customer simply submits his mobile phone number at the counter. Via the Micros monitor, the cashier logs in the prize screen and lists what he has won. Punches one button to release the prize from the network and this process takes only seconds.

We know that an instant win feature adds a lot to the success of a mobile marketing campaign. However, until today, redeeming instant win prizes has always been a barrier while creating campaigns. 121METRE’s mobile promotion management infrastructure has been integrated with Micros system to overcome this barrier and starting the very first day of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s New Year campaign, the success has proved the value adding effect of the method.

Originally participation was expected to be 35.000 during the campaign. Due to the huge success, the number of entry codes and presents have been increased to 95.000 at the end of December 2005. Our client have observed a 100% increase in the order of Super size menus.