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Kellogg\'s Corn Pops

March 6, 2005

Brand: Kellogg's Corn Pops

Company: ipsh!

Create excitement and brand interaction with the Kellogg's Con Pops brand through delivery of mobile wallpapers and user mobile interaction.

Campaign is a packaging, web, e-mail, sms campaign that enlists end user interaction with a “come-on” introduction to the contest web-page on packages of Kellogg’s Corn Pops. There were 6.5 million boxes printed with a web address, that brings consumers to the “Gotta be connected” web page (see below)

Once on the Kellogg’s page, users run through a series pf pop-up messages that capture user information including phone make/model, carrier, and a bunch of details to assure COPPA compliance.

Users select between e-mail and sms (before the handset/carrier pop-up) and once they complete the registration process they receive a confirmation and then several days later, a trivia question. The several days wait before delivery of the trivia was required by the client in order to spread or expand the timespan of the brand interaction. Several mobile carriers questioned this approach before agreeing to connect our short code.

For those registered via sms, the question comes with a multiple choice question, and they are instructed to reply with the letter of the answer. A, B, or C. Those that answer correctly receive a free Corn Pops screensaver, and a chance to win additional prizes, including pre-paid airtime, a free phone, or other prizes.

12474 SMS opt-ins
13096 SMS to Start playing (5 day lag)
6543   SMS to confirm answers
28059 Email opt-ins