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InMobi Case Study – Yamaha FZ-16

November 5, 2012
The Challenge:
The sporty Yamaha FZ-16 was designed to appeal to mid-range buyers for whom a bike is as much a lifestyle accessory as transportation. Yamaha chose the InMobi mobile network to ensure they reached their target market of young men. 
The Solution:
InMobi created banner ads to build interest among likely buyers, as well as enhance brand awareness. Users who clicked through the banner ads came to a video-landing page where they could see the full-length TV commercial. Wallpapers, featuring different views of the bike, were also available for download.
The Results:
For Yamaha, InMobi took the company’s word-of-mouth outreach efforts to a new level. Not only did nearly 10% of the users who clicked through the banner ads download the TV commercial, but almost 7% went on to locate a store.