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InMobi Case Study – Umuntu Media

November 1, 2012
The Challenge:
As a publisher, Umuntu Media’s revenue is sourced from advertising sales. In order to sell the media space on their portals there needs to be a considerable number of users visiting their portals. As such, each time Umuntu Media launch in a new country, they run an advertising campaign to create an audience on a Facebook page. Once the audience is large enough, the country portal is launched, and the advertising campaign is changed to drive users directly to the country portal.
The Solution:
Many African’s visit International publishers portals on their mobile phones. InMobi’s targeting capabilities allowed Umuntu Media to directly target these users. The creative used was made up of simple static banner’s, as the majority of devices in Africa are Feature phones.
The Results:
On average the Umuntu Media campaigns delivered over 643,000 daily impressions, with an average click through ratio of 0.34%.