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InMobi Case Study – Slim-Fast Utilizes Interactive Rich Media

October 24, 2012

The Goal:

In order to drive awareness around the launch of Slim-Fast’s seven new flavors, they worked with InMobi to develop an engaging and fun, interactive experience. It allowed customers to learn more about the new flavor profiles and directed them to visit the Slim-Fast mobile website.

The Approach:

InMobi created a motion-activated rich media ad, which maximized consumer’s interaction with Slim-Fast’s seven new flavors. Users could shake their phone to discover each new flavor. Once a flavor appeared, users had the option of expanding to see the nutritional information, or clicking through to their site for more information.

The Results:

The creative strategy behind such a fun and interactive consumer experience proved to be a success. The ad engagement rate was 2x the industry standard, with the average user going three pages deep. Slim-Fast was also able to gain valuable insight into consumers’ top 3 flavor choices.