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InMobi Case Study – Fiplab’s Talking Gremlin App Reaches #1

November 6, 2012
The Challenge:
Fiplab is a leading app development studio based in London, U.K. As part
of their launch campaign for their new entertainment app, Talking Gremlin, they engaged InMobi to help drive downloads and increase their App Store ranking.
The Solution:
As part of their broader marketing plan for the Talking Gremlin app, Fiplab ran both display ads and text ads, targeted at iPhone and iPad users across the InMobi network. The iPhone app reached the number one slot in the iTunes U.K entertainment chart and 6th overall in the free chart. The iPad app broke into the Top 20, achieving the number 11 overall spot.
The Results:
Anirudh from Fiplab said, “Achieving
the top spot on the App Store had a significant impact on driving our organic downloads. Once you’re on the charts it’s easier to sustain your position through a combination of organic downloads and advertising. InMobi was a key partner in our success and we plan to continue working with them.”