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InMobi Case Study – eContact Pro App

November 8, 2012
The Challenge:
eContact Pro is an iPhone app for enterprise users who want a simple way to organize their business cards and create a digital library of contacts. After launch, the app was featured by Apple and downloads were strong. 
Once the initial excitement around
the launch faded, eContact Pro decided they needed to revamp their marketing efforts.

The Solution:
InMobi was selected for its ability to reach
the proper the target segment and
drive app downloads. Sophisticated self-service tools enabled eContact Pro to closely monitor the campaign and ensure they hit their CPA.

The Results:
Julian Nachtigal, marketing manager for eContact Pro said, “The InMobi platform clearly drove downloads of our iPhone app and functioned as an essential direct marketing tool for us. During the campaign eContact Pro saw up to a 50% increase in downloads.”