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I'm Thinking Arby's Mobile Campaign

November 8, 2012

Arby’s restaurants were looking to create a loyalty program that quickly and easily reached interested customers, driving them into their local Arby’s restaurant. They wanted the program to send out special offers and discounts to loyal customers on their most intimate device – their phone. Previously frustrated by other attempts at loyalty programs that did not produce results or effectively reach consumers, Arby’s wanted to stand out against other QSR’s by offering a program few others could match.



1. To effectively gauge consumer interest on a mobile loyalty program and increase the frequency of restaurant visitation.

2. Create a program with a high redemption rate that can be easily replicated at other participating Arby’s location.



Arby’s began the program with an eye towards rapid expansion into other markets. The program was supported with radio spots, POS signage and a campaign-branded web-site for the rewards program members in all the markets. They also used in-store signage and broadcast media to generate awareness of the new program. An initial opt-in offer was generated upon sign up, and the members were contacted once a month with specials deals.



78% redemption rate

The promotion saw 1000 members in the first three weeks in four stores with a 78% redemption rate on the opt-in offer and a 15% redemption rate on the first offer sent out.