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Havanna Café (Tedexis)

June 19, 2008
Havanna Café )Tedexis)
Brand: Havanna Café.
Argentinean based packaged products and café Franchise in the Latin American Market

Location: Venezuela

Agency: Branding Solutions & Tedexis

Duration: 3 months

Goal: Launch a mobile marketing campaign to understand the consumption pattern of its costumers, and at the same time, build a segmented customer data base in order to improve the the offering of each product according to those market segments.

Solution: Tedexis implemented an interactive tool that provides feedback information about consumption by product and store location in real time, by having customers provide relevant data for free products and samples. The data is retrieved and analyzed by Tedexis Campaign Manager platform, and shows data in real time to store owners and franchise, providing all the information necessary to customize marketing campaigns for each segment, wich are also communicated to their mobile devices.

Result: Knowing customer consumption habits, Havanna has been able to develop and customize target specific marketing campaigns, improving the response ratio and allocating marketing budget more effectivelly.