Google: Thanks to a new mobile strategy using enhanced campaigns, Sk:n Clinics’ call centre sees calls increase 42% | MMA Global
November 13, 2013
Click-to-call ad

Sk:n tasked its agency Net Media Planet with improving conversions from mobile paid search without building a new site especially for mobile. The agency’s first move was to create a click-to-call campaign, which enabled the user to make just one click from the search ad to be connected to an advisor. Consumers were directed to make calls rather than visiting the website, and messaging was tailored to persuade them to call immediately.

• Drive consumers to Sk:n Clinics
• Leverage power of mobile without building a mobile-specific site
• Establish value of mobile advertising through split testing
• Use enhanced campaigns to target users by device, time, location and demographic
• Set mobile bid multiplier up to 200% higher than tablet and desktop to maximise channel’s potential
• Calls grew 42% after implementing enhanced campaigns
• Conversions increased 7% in prime locations
• CTR increased by 6%

“The enhanced campaigns platform has helped to streamline campaign management whilst offering new optimisation features to help drive further performance.”
– Sri Sharma, Managing Director, Net Media Planet