Google: Schuurman Schoenen cuts AdWords campaign management time in half with an upgrade to enhanced campaigns | MMA Global
August 28, 2013
Schuurman Schoenen

• Increase efficiency in campaign management
• Tailor ads according to usage trends and device
• Capture users to drive online and offline sales
• Upgraded all AdWords advertising to enhanced campaigns
• Adjusted bids by device, location and time of day
• Created mobile preferred creative and scheduled call extensions
• Used new data sources to make better decisions
• Decreased number of campaigns by 60%
• Cut campaign maintenance and optimisation time by 50%
• Helped produce increases in number of conversions and conversion rate
• Contributed to growth in click-through rate of 50% and decreases in cost per click of 10%

“It’s way more efficient and a lot simpler than it was before. I used to spend twice as much time to maintain and fine-tune campaigns.”
–– Kayo Klein Obbink, Online Marketeer, Schuurman Schoenen