Google: Saudi Arabia Investment Bank starts targeting mobile users and sees a 90% reduction in cost per lead | MMA
August 28, 2013
SAIB Mobile Site

• Penetrate the mobile market to ensure customer reach and relevance
• Minimize cost per lead
• Maximize number of leads
• Target mobile users via Google’s search and display advertising
• Website optimized for mobile browsing with added click-to-call and store locator functionality
• Up to a 90 per cent reduction in cost per lead through mobile
• 67 per cent more mobile conversions than desktop conversions
“The key metric I focus on is cost per lead. Mobile gives us more leads than desktop, and it’s much more cost-effective.”
— Bobby Kakar, head of marketing and product development
“Mobiles have become an extension of people’s personalities. If you’re not in the mobile space, you’re not reaching out to your customers.”
— Samer Al Rayyan, AGM of Personal Banking