Google: MAG Interactive builds and scales a thriving app business | MMA Global
August 28, 2013

• Build an engaging and competitive multiplayer game
• Grow a significant user base across multiple countries
• Monetise game to enable users to play for free
• Drive sales of paid version among engaged fans
• Build Ruzzle for both Android and iOS
• Scale backend with Google App Engine
• Use Google AdMob for worldwide monetisation
• Sell premium Android version through Google Play
• Grew user base to over 5M
• Experienced “no scalability issues at all” with App Engine
• Filled all ad spaces to provide a solid revenue stream
• Reached top five ranking in multiple countries since launch
“Our rapid growth to 5M Ruzzle players in less than six months required a highly scalable server solution. Google App Engine transformed this huge challenge into a picnic.”
— Roger Skagerwall, CEO, MAG Interactive