Google: dubizzle attracts high-quality traffic from mobile ads and improves conversion rates by up to 300 per cent | MMA
June 27, 2013


- Reach a new market of smartphone and tablet users
- Reduce cost and increase reach
- Increase the quality, quantity and engagement of site traffic

- Designed the mobile site so that users could quickly find what they were looking for, using a responsive format which resizes automatically for each device
- Took advantage of the fact that mobile users were more likely to be serious buyers

- Increased click-through on mobile search by up to 14 per cent
- Increased conversion rates by up to 300 per cent

“Having a responsive design site is a very big opportunity to reach a new market of smartphone and tablet users.”
“The volume and quality of traffic from mobile advertising have been crucial in helping us achieve our goals.”
“Smartphone and tablet traffic to the site has tripled since this time last year, and paid traffic has grown sevenfold.”
— Nadia Zehni, search marketing manager.