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Fotochatter (AdMob)

March 21, 2007

Fotochatter (AdMob)

fotochatter helps mobile web users share the photos they take in their day- to-day life: in their own words, they ‘make cameraphones way more fun’.   Once users sign up with fotochatter, they can create a profile and a personal photo library, allowing them to share their photos with anyone who can connect to the Internet.  fotochatter first started building their community in early 2005 and have been growing ever since, with a devoted base of users that are exceptionally well-qualified and very valuable to advertisers.

As a social network, the value of fotochatter is its subscriber base: an audience with highly specific and defined attributes that are in high demand with advertisers. At the same time, fotochatter knew that intrusive ads on the pages could turn their users away.  The objectives, therefore, were:

• Generate a revenue stream by selling ad space
• Preserve customer experience for their 130,000 member community

fotochatter joined the AdMob marketplace, and added text-based ads to their pages enabling advertisers to target:

• Users by geography and device type
• All 130,000 community members, plus their non-member friends viewing their photos

fotochatter has quickly added advertising revenue to its business, and is seeing explosive growth.  
Revenue Growth (3 months):  2500%
Using the reporting and analysis tools provided by AdMob, fotochatter were able to tune their pages to increase advertiser value, and therefore revenue. 
Customer Complaints:  None
fotochatter was successful in preserving the customer experience by using non-intrusive AdMob ads to monetize its content and network. 

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